About AC Botswana is a multimedia enterprise based on the Graphical Media Point founded by: Alpha Mbotho an associate and studying B (Hons)Des in Professional Design.

Typography , Image touching , Photography , Calligraphy , Posters , Potrait Drawing , Editing , Illustration Art , Lyrics Design & Writing , Album Covers , Multimedia  

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Alvilianx Beats photocover 2018

Co-founder : Alpha Mbotho

Alpha Captions , Botswana (pty) ltd

welcome! feel at home ,you are free to browse through our webpage and get to know us.This is a place where you get to witness the art of Alpha Captions ,the individual brand company representing the graphics ethnics.we are looking forward to hear from you rate us and help us with your thoughts on how we can improve our website thank you. co-founder:alpha mbotho